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Story Adaptation Simplified

Here are the Risks...

  • No long term contracts.
  • No residuals or complex fee structures.
  • No lengthy revisions wait times.

Now for the Rewards...

  • Simplified storyline search and personalized recommendations.
  • In-depth, AI-powered story analysis based on deep production insights.
  • Expertly curated Adaptation Suitability scored titles.

Explore & Choose A Plan Below

For Literary Professionals - Authors, Agents, Publishers

Analyze your stories using advance AI to determine adaptation suitability.

For Self Published Authors, Agents, Publishers


$29.99 / Per Month

  • Free account access.
  • 1 - Story upload per month.
  • 1 - Adaptation Suitability Story Evaluation.
  • Expert Adaptation Suitability Scoring.

For Self Published Authors, Agents, Publishers


$49.99 / Per Month

  • Free account access
  • 5 - Story uploads per month
  • 2 - Adaptation Suitability Story Evaluations
  • Expert Adaptation Suitability Scoring
  • Media Producer Personalized Story Recommendations

For Self Published Authors, Agents, Publishers


$99.99 / Per Month

  • Personalized Adaptation Library
  • Unlimited story uploads
  • 5 - Adaptation Suitability Story Evaluations
  • Expert Adaptation Suitability Scoring
  • Media Producer, Personalized Story Recommendations

For Media Professionals - Independent Producers, Content & Acquisition Executives

Discover the best stories for adaptation using our advanced adaptation suitability AI.

For Independent Producers


$29.99 / Per Month

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • 5 AI-powered story recommendations
  • Expert Adaptation Suitability Scoring
  • 1 Adaptation Suitability Evaluation

For Movie Studios


$99.99 / Per Month

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Unlimited AI-powered story recommendations
  • Expert Adaptation Suitability Scoring
  • 3 Adaptation Suitability Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions by Bookscribs clients.

Wall scribbling. Story sharing. Movie making. Problem solving.

In 2018, Founder Allen Redwing produced films and sought ways to enhance his screenwriting and story development process. He conceived and developed an idea coined Cinematic Syntax Assimilation, a framework by which all stories could be converted into screenplays using Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology and methodology have received vetting by MIT Researchers, Top scientists, and ML professionals from Sony, Google, Disney, and Netflix.

Additionally, we are the only Literary and Media Technology company that provides AI-driven adaptation suitability analysis for stories.

Our goal is to empower all storytellers in the content lifecycle on adaptation suitability and content value.

Bookscribs EDGE

Personalized story recommendation.

This product enables Authors, Publishers, and Literary Agents to market their titles based on movie production suitability as a core focus.

Additionally, it allows Movie Producers user-friendly personalized story recommendations based on our unique proprietary process for enhanced story discovery.

Bookscribs CORE

Personalized story analysis.

This product provides AI-driven, in-depth story analysis based on production suitability insights for literary and media professionals seeking to acquire content.

Bookscribs ADAPT

Personalized screenplay generation.

This product will provide automated story adaptation for authors, screenwriters, media producers seeking to adapt stories for screens efficiently.

For more information, please see our Plans pages.

We are based in Boston and Nevada; however, our team is a diverse mix of professionals from across the United States, India, Canada, and as far as Tunisia.

Founder Allen Redwing, movie director, screenwriter, and independent producer, founded Bookscribs out a pressing need to discover, produce, and revision both the storytelling process and experience of movie-making.

At current, we only accept English translation titles for analysis, but plan to allow for multi-language submissions in the future.

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